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The postman delivered and all I’ve got to show for it is a pic of me :)

When the word ‘selfie’ became an actual word, my grandpa had me explain to him what it meant. When I finished, he found this picture and asked “is this a selfie?” I told him it was and he simply said “I was taking selfies before it was cool.” So here’s my grandpa taking a selfie in his Coast Guard uniform. (Circa 1959) Can we make my grandpa internet famous? I’d love to explain to him what Tumblr is. ;P

sony a7


Mayan Women reversing that white settler-colonial gaze.

Tiffany Vu 2014 2640 by k3ychain on Flickr.

Simon Baker dodges the rain and takes photos of waiting photographers whilst returning to his hotel after a day of shopping in Paris, May 9, 2012. (Source)